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Ding Dong the Wicked, by Caryl Churchill, directed by Noëlle Kéruzoré, will be performed on Thursday 19th June at 2:00 pm at Rennes 2 University. Below, you will find two reviews of this play:


A man sits alone in a darkened room. ‘Ding-dong’, the bell rings. The man picks up a gun from behind an armchair, he opens the door.
“Come in,” he mutters. He shoots the visitor in the head at point blank range.
A young man is preparing to go to war. His family rally around him, wringing their hands, pacing the room with fret, self-pity, anger and paranoia. A flag of unknown nationality hangs on the wall, the most colourful prop on stage, seeming to command them. Churchill’s theme — the perils of patriotism and the folly of war — is portrayed in a tiny claustrophobic living room.

Matthew Tucker, The Huffington Post


The play consists of two short living-room scenes. Although one is presumably set in Britain and the other in some unspecified foreign country, the pattern in each is the same. A nation is at war, a son is sent off to fight, a family is filled with fear, mutual resentment and furtive lust, and is united only by its patriotic fervour: images of killing on TV are greeted with animalistic chants of triumph.
Churchill implies that all societies today seethe with a paranoia that turns every knock at the door into a threat, and that we all-too-easily translate our private rage into public violence.

Michael Billington, The Guardian


Noëlle Keruzoré is a professional actress and theatre director.

She trained at LAMDA in London. As a director, she has been interested in Modern British Drama for a long time. She especially loves Caryl Churchill’s plays and has staged several of her texts. She runs regular workshops with students at the Rennes 2 University.

 Noëlle Keruzoré
Noëlle Keruzoré

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